The Founders

Mr. and Mrs. Horst Winter and son Matthew Winter are from Heilshronn, Germany. They are Founders of a very well known and respected steakhouse, located in Heilshronn, Germany. They created their beloved restaurant, Holcworm (Wormwood) out of a former auto repair facility. Mr. Winter personally oversaw and even participated in the creation and construction of the restaurant. He was very particular with the details, including the selection of the interior wood used to adorn the walls. The wood is called "wormwood" in German, hence the name........Holcworm

They opened this very successful business in 1988 operating at this location for over ten years. May, 1998 they sold the restaurant and moved to a new frontier, Orlando, Florida. Here, in the Orlando area they recreated their restaurant to serve their new friends, and neighbors.